Restaurant subscribers are looking for convenience

Consumers choose the restaurants they frequent not only because of the taste of the food, but also because of their familiarity with the restaurant name and the restaurant location.

These are the three highest-ranked qualities by customers of table-service restaurants and quick-service restaurants (QSRs), according to Digital Divide: Restaurant Subscribers And Loyalty Programs, a PYMNTS and Paytronix collaboration based on a survey of 2,054 American adults who regularly purchase food at restaurants.

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About a fifth of consumers say the availability of multiple ordering options is important. 18% of table service diners and 21% of QSR diners say it’s a key factor in choosing a restaurant.

Digital features drive restaurant choice for less than a fifth of consumers, with 13% of table service customers and 18% of QSR customers saying an easy-to-navigate app or website encourages them to frequent a restaurant specific.

Price is a top five ranked factor by both groups of restaurant customers, with 36% of table service customers and 39% of QSR customers citing daily prices as a factor influencing their choice of a specific restaurant .

The quality of delivery service affects the choice of more than 1 in 10 consumers, with 15% of table service customers and 13% of QSR customers saying it is a key factor in choosing their delivery service. ‘a restaurant.

Figure 1

There are several differences between how the average restaurant customer decides where to eat versus a consumer who has a restaurant subscription service.

Restaurant subscribers are more likely to view customer experience elements focused on convenience and value. More often than other restaurateurs, subscribers say that the availability of a loyalty program, healthy food, an easy-to-navigate website and the ability to use a preferred payment method are key factors when choosing a restaurant. a specific restaurant.

Figure 2



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