Pontypool Credit Union Volunteer Wins National Award



Volunteer Charlotte Rickwood received a national award from the Credit Union of Wales for dedicating her time to promoting the ethical savings and lending movement throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

Charlotte, from Panteg, is considered to be part of the ‘vital life’ of the Gateway Credit Union, based in Torfaen and Monmouthshire.

Charlotte said, “Credit unions saved my life because I was on the verge of depression due to money issues. They saved me at first and have since become a family.

“Gateway Credit Union does a lot of positive things in the community by helping people manage their finances, helping them keep their heads above water, and providing services to people who would otherwise be excluded and forced to turn. to loan sharks. ”

Before the pandemic, Charlotte combined the role of secretary to the board of directors with being a member of the credit committee, a regular loan assessor and a ‘flying squad’ whenever someone was needed to cover a point. collection.

With the Covid-19 lockdown, many volunteers were protecting themselves, offices were closed to the public, and staff were working remotely.

Despite a busy family life and graduate school, Charlotte continued to work remotely on loan appraisal and helped test and develop process changes that now provide us with greater efficiency and a paperless process for the loan team.

Gateway Credit Union Director Sara Burch said: “With her experienced and in-depth approach to lending, Charlotte works remotely alongside the staff team and has contributed to a review of our credit policy and processes. ready.

“As secretary to the board, she also supported our less tech-savvy board members in moving to online meetings with her usual quiet efficiency.

“Charlotte is always an inspiration and a person to depend on. It’s hard to imagine Gateway Credit Union without Charlotte.

Ms Rickwood is one of nine winners of this year’s Credit Unions Awards, which are sponsored by the Welsh Forum of the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd with support from the Welsh Government.

Robert Kelly, CEO of ABCUL, said: “The awards demonstrate the commitment and dedication of businesses, workers, organizations, members and volunteers to the global credit union movement.

“It shows how credit unions build communities and help people manage their finances for a better future.”


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