Lamar Jackson deserves to be one of the highest paid players in the NFL; how bears can help Justin Fields


Allen’s dazzling combination of skills made him a difficult playmaker to defend, especially when he sizzles as a passer. In 46 career games, the 6-foot-5, 237-pound player has registered 25 touchdowns to go along with his 70 touchdown passes. He’s a dynamic threat on the perimeter with the size, speed, and skill to create headaches for defensive coordinators making plans to stop No.17.

Last season, opponents bombarded Allen a lot, but the spirited quarterback made them pay for their high-risk, high-reward tactics. Although he threw a league-high 203 assists against the blitz, he posted a 106.5 passer rating with 14 touchdowns and two interceptions. This year Allen has struggled with pressure tactics despite seeing less blitz. He posted a 55.0 passer rating against the blitz while facing blitz pressure on just 14.8% of his losses (the lowest number in the league). He also sees more area coverage.

In my opinion, Allen’s difficulties stem from his lack of anticipation and timing as a pitcher. Against zone coverage, it’s important for quarterbacks to throw receivers into open windows with defenders keeping their eyes on the passer. With more eyes on the ball, the windows close faster due to split-second reactions from defenders following the quarterback’s head movements and running in that direction. Allen is forced to be more specific against the area than covering the man.

For a quarterback with a history of accuracy issues, the accuracy required against a solid zone defense might be too much for him right now. Maybe Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll can script a few more zone-busting concepts that make his young signalman’s job easier, but Allen needs to continue to develop in this area or he will face more teams with area-based game plans.

A two-game sample size isn’t quite enough to sound the alarm bells in western New York, but the Bills need to keep a close watch on their franchise quarterback to see if they can handle it. help regain his MVP habits after a struggling start to the season.

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