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Posted: October 22, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. EDT|Update: 2 hours ago

JERICHO, NY, 22 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Esquire Financial Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESQ) (the “Company”), the financial holding company of Esquire Bank, National Association (“Esquire Bank”), today announced that as of of September 29, 2021, it reclassified its portfolio of NFL consumer loans (“loans” or “assets”) totaling $ 23.6 million loans held for sale, generating a pre-tax charge of a total amount $ 3.4 million ($ 2.5 million excluding taxes), or $ 0.31 per diluted share. From September 30, 2021, the fair value of these loans held for sale was approximately $ 14.2 million on the basis of an independent third party evaluation. This accounting reclassification to held for sale reflects management’s intention to sell these assets to a short-term Fund.

After September 30, 2021, the Company entered into a term sheet, subject to agreement on final legal documents, to sell the loans to a third party sponsored entity or Fund while retaining approximately 90% non-controlling economic interest in the Fund. The Company intends to pay the independent promoter of the Fund or its designated manager a fee for the management of the Fund. It is expected that the existence of the Fund will end within 7 years.

Excluding the impact of the aforementioned fair value charge, the Company expects its third quarter 2021 results release and associated performance measures to be in line with consensus estimates, reflecting positive quarterly trends. to the other. This charge has minimal impact on the Company’s capital and related capital ratios. We also expect our loan loss reserve at total loan levels to return to pre-pandemic levels.

“The duration of the NFL loan portfolio has grown over the years due to revisions to various claims administration protocols, the continuing effects of the pandemic, revisions to qualified physician requirements and now the recent controversial use of race-based standards on former NFL players ‘concussion claims,’ said Andrew C. Sagliocca, President and CEO. “Due to the effects of these recent racial normalization claims on the duration of these loans, we have chosen to sell our NFL assets while retaining a non-controlling economic interest in an effort to match the extended duration of the loans. concussion claims of our NFL borrowers with that of their loans. “

As stated in Law360 on October 15, 2021, “Racial normalization is a type of statistical manipulation used in neuropsychological testing, in which black players are assumed to start with lower baseline cognitive functioning than white players. The NFL said racial standards were initially used in neuropsychology to stop bias in testing, but critics allege that its use in concussion makes it more difficult for black players to show the cognitive decline necessary to receive uncapped settlement fund payments. ”Au 20 October 2021, the New York Times reported that an agreement was filed with the court stating that no racial standard or racial demographic estimate – whether black or white – should be used in the settlement program and that neither party can appeal against ‘a claim based on breed or use of breed standards. A panel of experts will develop new standards that will apply to all future neuropsychological tests under the program, all claims that have yet to be resolved, and all claims currently on appeal in which racial standards or racial demographic estimates may be involved. . Finally, the new retrospective rating will apply to cases where no impairment has been determined, but black standards have been applied during testing; all dementia claims that have been refused and to which black standards have been applied; or claims that were denied or reduced because the doctor did not enforce black race standards. The deal is pending court approval.

“Once this agreement is approved, the claims administrator must adopt new protocols for all claimants prospectively and retrospectively and reassess all claims under the new protocols, which will materially extend the resolution and final payment of those claims. “, said Andrew C. Sagliocca. “This deal is long overdue as the breed normalization claims date back to at least August 2020, clearly demonstrating the delays that have been involved in addressing this and other issues in the NFL concussion settlement. The company believes that the majority of its NFL membership assets will be resolved favorably during this extended period using the Fund as a vehicle to achieve its goal. “

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