E-commerce and consumer credit on the rise in Poland – The First News

More than 80% of Poles now shop online, with clothing proving to be the most sought-after product, according to a survey commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank.

The poll appears to confirm the growing popularity of online shopping and also coincides with evidence that a growing number of Poles are taking out consumer loans despite rising interest rates.

“Over 80% of Poles have made an online purchase in the past 12 months; they mainly bought clothes, shoes and electronics ”, informed the Santander Consumer Bank of the results of its poll entitled“ Poles in e-commerce 2021 ”, carried out by the pollster IBRiS.

Up to 35% of those surveyed said they shop online twice a month. Young people (18-29 years old) are the leaders in the use of e-commerce, with 93% of them purchasing goods through the internet.

Men shop online more often than women (83% vs. 78%), and e-commerce is the most popular shopping method for Poles living in smaller towns of 50,000 inhabitants, 85% of whom are them choosing the Internet.

The biggest beneficiary of online shopping is the clothing industry, with 49% of respondents stating that clothing is the most commonly purchased items online. Over 30 percent of those surveyed buy shoes this way, while 23 percent buy electronics.

At the same time, consumer loans have increased in Poland.

According to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), the value of loans increased in October by 78.2% year-on-year and their number by 62.5%.

“The average value of a loan granted in October 2021 was 2,329 PLN (494 EUR), and it was 10.3% higher than the average loan granted in October 2020,” BIK wrote.

The numbers could point to an intense lending period in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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