Delta-tocotrienol decreased biomarkers associated with fatty liver disease, recent study finds

In a new study published in Complementary therapies in medicineannatto delta-tocotrienol decreased biomarkers associated with fatty liver disease in patients diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

The double-blind, active-controlled study, conducted at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Pakistan, randomly assigned 100 patients with NAFLD to receive either 300 mg twice daily of delta-tocotrienol or 268 mg twice daily alpha-tocopherol for 48 weeks.

Compared to baseline, at 48 weeks, researchers found significant improvement in fatty liver index (FLI), liver to spleen attenuation ratio (L/S ratio), and evaluation of the homeostatic model for insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). as serum malondialdehyde in both groups. There was a significantly greater increase in body weight, inflammation and apoptosis in the delta-tocotrienol group compared to the alpha-tocopherol group.

“Thirty percent of the world’s adult population has NAFLD, a tragedy the medical community calls ‘the population’s code blue’. This is the first time that delta-tocotrienol has been compared directly to alpha -tocopherol, and the results did not disappoint,” said Barrie Tan, PhD, president of American River Nutrition, in a press release. American River Nutrition manufactures annatto-derived tocotrienol DeltaGold “Not only supplementation in delta-tocotrienol resulted in >10 lb greater sustained weight loss in obese NAFLD patients, but was also significantly better at improving inflammation and preventing liver cell death than the alpha-tocopherol form of the vitamin E commonly recommended by doctors. With the significant benefits of tocotrienol over tocopherol for weight loss and inflammation, now is the time to update vitamin E recommendations for NAFLD patients.


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