Businessman Akhmetov receives loan from Credit Suisse via offshore company to acquire Falcon 7X aircraft in 2014 – Pandora Papers


Businessman Rinat Akhmetov received a loan from Credit Suisse Bank (Switzerland) via an offshore company to purchase a Falcon 7X business jet in 2014. writes about this with reference to the Pandora Papers project, reports the Ukrainian news agency.

According to an investigation by journalists, in October 2014, Akhmetov representatives approached Trident Trust, a supplier from the British Virgin Islands, with an application to register two offshore companies Inglen Investments Limited and Pluscom Holdings Limited as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the object of the company registration was indicated as “ownership of aircraft”.

The investigation pointed out that on December 16, 2014, one of these companies had successfully obtained a loan from Credit Suisse to purchase a Falcon 7X aircraft with the tail number P4-SCM.

At the same time, the loan amount is not indicated in the documents, but the market value of such a plane is more than $ 50 million.

In turn, the System Capital Management press service said no investigation had been opened against their companies in the British Virgin Islands.

“None of our companies in BVI (British Virgin Islands) have been investigated or charged in 2015 or at any time so far,” said SCM spokeswoman Vladyslava Darmostuk. .

As the Ukrainian news agency reported earlier, the Pandora Papers project says the daughter of former Presidential Administration chief Borys Lozhkin bought a flat in central London on the 6th day after the appointment of his father at this post.

It also indicates that businessman and former PrivatBank co-owner Hennadii Boholiubov is involved in nine properties in the UK.

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